Daní Apal.


Eloise & Theodore.


Eloise & Theodore.


Daní Apal.


Miley Cyrus pt.2

Jag har gjort en ny version av Miley. Denna kommer dock inte att läggas upp för nerladdning.



A little goth never hurt nobody.


They forbid us to be together, but here we are.


No nice, only naughty.


We'll be counting butterflies.


Watch how the creatures move in the night.




" I remember your scent... your touch.. "
" .... the deep feelings we felt for each other. "
" You understood me so well. "
" Even if things sometimes got rough, we held on to our love. "
" I can't sleep without knowing if you still miss me, us. "
" It keeps me awake at night. "
Modell: Enice Walls, Nathan Guw.

Mina modeller för tillfället.

Kendall, Enice och min nyaste modell Michelle!

Jag kommer att skapa fler modeller och simmar, men dessa är just nu mina tre favoriter :).

Kendall Jenner.


A lil' tiger-lovin'.


Olika stilar.

Modell: Violet Hartall

"Because you are the only one."

Love is in the air.


Modell: Nisha Lenice.

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